Abundant Leadership with TJC


Abundant Leadership with TJC creates an opportunity for next-generation leaders of color to both teach and learn from their peers in a highly curated cohort model culminating in the development of a collaborative social impact project, policy, product or event of real-world consequence as developed by the cohort.


Abundant Leadership with TJC is as much of a leadership development cohort as it is a learning community and what makes Abundant Leadership different is the deep investment in relationship and trust-building. Abundant Leadership Cohorts come together each month with the recognition that they are bringing something unique to social impact work and they have the opportunity to share that gift with others. This is a leadership program deeply committed to developing the whole person from “hard” skills like equitable project management to essential interpersonal skills like non-violent communication. We are committed to excellence in the many ways that shows up in leaders of color and we create space for cohorts to self-define those parameters.

Abundant Leaders:

  • Are deeply committed to advancing race and class equity through their work and personal mission.
  • Reject traditional notions of leadership that require you look, sound, speak, behave, react and negotiate a certain way.
  • Have likely completed other Leadership Development program(s) in the past.
  • Know that they can learn much from their peers and are open and enthusiastic about the opportunity to do so.
  • Are committed to investing in the development of others and are seeking chances to make that happen.

About the Peer-Leadership Model

Designing a cohort centered around reciprocity is core to our mission as an organization and our values as a community. We believe that true leaders deeply value being of service to others. Each cohort member will be responsible for curating one sixty to ninety minute session of content of which they have deep expertise. Our application process gives us our first insight into what you can offer your cohort and what you hope to receive. At the end of the Growth Phase you will have deepened your knowledge and grown your skills in tangible ways by learning directly from your peers, TJCs consultants and partner organizations.